New to the Forum- Parting 4 SR's

New to the forum. Collect SR’s have 11 total. Parting out 4 at the present time. If you need anything please let me know.
For parts requests please contact me at


what PCM codes do you have, and how much for a PCM?

How much for the interior. Where are you lockated?

e-mail sent

You’ve got mail.

  • Darron

Guess this one was another Ian :shock:

Hope he didn’t get money from ya…and if he did hope it wasn’t much. I got one reply from him, but not a reply to a reply.

  • Darron

Edit:… that was too mean of me. I just hope I get my cash back.

No this guy didnt reply to me at all, so i figured it was just a bunch of BS

He replied to me, but I don’t need anything, I was just curious lol.

This is Dan from SVTsalvage. I was helping a friend get started on selling parts on the internet. Appears his helper Kelie dropped the ball on this. I assure you he has the cars. He is located in Alabama. If you need anything please pm me and I’ll call him. He has no computer experience.

Edit- Here are two he bought last month

So many messed up S/Rs :cry:

I’m gonna have to keep this in mind when doing my winter mods.

take the front end off the black one and swap it onto the red one and paint. There you go, 2 S/Rs in 1. LOL

thats why im buying a big hessian aggression 4x4 rock crawler for the winter so if it gets hit no big deal im just going to smack it into trees anyway

Its hard to tell but the passenger side of the black one is caving in, looks like either they flipped it or something fell on it

W00t!! Where about in Alabama?!?!? That’s my home turf!

Huntsville Alabama.
If you need to contact me you can at

Please put in the subject line- ZX2 part request.
This will help me keep organized.