new to site--heres ldyzx2's ZX2

My ZX2 has always been my baby and my first love. I have been personally modifying her for five years and am still not done. Currently working on custom enclosure, new sides and rear, and a new custom hood I created. I love tuner cars and plan on getting a Civic real soon, probably four door cause I just had my first baby! Currently my Z is broke down for 6 months due to the wiring harness melted under the dash. NEED HELP ON HOW TO GET THE DASH OUT so that I can see where my bad wires are and fix it. My baby deserves to get fixed and be in the car shows again this summer. She has won 3 first place and 1 second place trophy at local car shows in my area. Enjoy the pic I will post more with other posts later…ldyzx2

Congrats on your new addition, while I can’t see the pics, to get the dash out there is a 10mm bolt in the top center of the dash(hard to get to) at the defrost vents, 2 10mm’s on each side of the dash at the doors under the plastic pieces(they just pull out), 4 14mm’s(2 on each side, I think they’re 14’s) at the bottom of the center console under the side plastic pieces, and 2 holding the steering column to the dash right under the gauges(14mm’s also I think). after this there are ~9 connections you must unplug, and the dash rolls back and out. take the center console out before you start, also to make it even easier remove the front seats while you’re at it. Again, welcome to zx2ms :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards. You are surrounded by a bunch of people that are well knowledgeable on the zx2. Your car is a wicked ride.