New Sytem ;)

Hey guys starting to build my new system. This is about it for the summer. No more I say :stuck_out_tongue: Well here is the stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Alpine CDA-9853 MP3/WMA CD Reciever

JL Audio RCA Cables

JL Audio W3 12" Subwoofer

JL Audio 250/1 Class D Monoblock Subwoofer Amp

JL Audio 300/4 Class AB Four-Channel Full-Range Amp

Thats it for now. Also two things not shown… still waiting on them to come in… Alpine XM adapter and a iPod adapter.

Your going to love that JL audio!!!

you wasted to much money!!!

Your money, your decision!

My opinion is you spent above and beyond necessity. You could have had quite a bit of performance parts for that money or even a trip or two depending.

love alpine, great ivestment

do you have the sub cabinet?

No… this weekend I am custom building one for my truck with a cool amp rack to show off my new amps.

nice very nice lots of sound

Not everything is about performance…engine wise that is. I know that you’ll love the sound of that. What door/deck speakers are you using? I still need to get an amp for my door/deck speakers, plus install the door speakers…they don’t fit right.

  • Darron

Same here Darron, I have a set of Diamond audio components that i have been sitting on for over 2 years now.

I have Alpine Type R speakers int he doors and rear dash. they are pretty nice still. Maybe next year I will upgrade those but for now they should do just fine.