New system.

So I am in the process of taking the system out of my ZX2 to go into my Mustang. The ZX2 is going to get a overhaul when I get time so new everything there.

Anyways on to the stang so far I have…

Alpine Head Unit
- XM Radio
- iPod

2 Channel JL Audio Amp
4 Channel JL Audio Amp
12" W3 JL Audio Sub

What I need:

2 - 8" W3 JL Subs ( Front Doors )
2 - 10" W3 JL Subs ( Trunk )
2 - 2 Channel JL Audio Amp
5 1/2" Components ( Front Doors )
6" x 8" Components ( Rear Deck )
Also all the wiring.

So thats the equipment I want to get yet. Question is should I do this in stages and start right away or should I just do everything at once after I have bought everything i will need.

Stages always allow you to rethink and rework what you intended IMO. Plus its one of the better ways to save money lol.

Whats up with all the subs man? You need to hear the actual music too, not just bass…or do you listen to rap? In that case there is no music. Seriously, need 6x9s for mids and tweeters too :mrgreen: