new subs

so both my kicker comp c12 subs blew ( i guess my amp was a little too strong) anyway ive been meaning to get new ones they are 2 years old … i dont wanna spend anymore thenlike 125 on two 12’s i was thinking about going with volfenhag’s anyone have anoy other suggestions … by the way i listen to alot of pop punk, emo, screamo and metal and hardcore

Polk Audio

Got mine on clearance at Circuit City for $130.
2x10" 400 Watt Subs by Polk

I know that my volfenhags look nice, but they dont put out enough… LOL. Ugh, I guess you could go with them, just put them in the recommended size box. (mine is small, could be reason they sound like crap on some notes…) You can get them on for $65 a piece + shipping. You heard mine, but not much… IDK its all up to you, if my friend wasnt buying them, I woulda sold you mine.

thanks mirror but i dont want 10"s i already have a box for 2 12"s and i dont want to spend another 80 bucks on a box josh i didnt mind the sound yours had remember this will be in my jeep not my z so theres more room for resonance that and they sound differnt if they face the back like mine will … i have a pretty big box too and megatronix has em for 75 bucks but town sound also has rockford fosgate punches for the same

if you get the fosgates get the punch stage 2s. THEY ARE AMAZING…

I didn’t really mean for you to get 10s, just to check clearance racks. And go with Polk Audio

I thoroughly enjoy my Planet Audio I have in my trunk. My friend has owned nothing but Wrangler’s and used JL, but I guess since you’re lookin’ cheap those are a li’l pricey, eh? Well…if you’re lookin’ cheap, you might as well just get whatever. Just make sure they’ll be able to handle your amp this time. :wink:

  • Darron

2 12" JL Audio W7 V2’s blew my friends civic rear window out.

See what happens when people don’t READ or PLAN. Windows fly out and things shake apart.

Those numbers on the SUB and AMP mean something. Rule of thumb, don’t have an 1500 Watt AMP running you 300Sub. Unless you turn it way down low. Even then you can check the Wattage Output with a simple voltage tester.

it wasnt that i didnt read or plan … its the simple fact i didnt care … 60 dollar subs that last two years are replaceable

lol. Always fun to test how fart you push the envelop.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t flaming. Need a sarcasm TAG, lol.

What is rms of amp and speakers ?, and what is the ohm load on the amp? Is it wired parallel or stereo??? also are you using a grill to cover the speakers , it just looks like it was poked~

i like precision power or JL audio