New Spoiler

what ever u do, get pics.

damn, we had an ice storm here in Oregon, it was a skating rink out there.

Coilovers for nothing, progress for decent ride, Eibach or H&R for handling.

what’s wrong w/ coilovers? if u r going for show, why not? it’s inexpensive and u can get a real nice drop. remember, the lower your car is, the better center of gravity you have, which means, increases handling. the ride might be a lil bumpy tho.

why does everybody forget about Sprint Springs???

They work fine, I have used them on my last 2 zx2’s.

Sure you can drop the car and of course you change the center of gravity, but there are other factors when you drop your ride height.

You will need a faster spring rate.
Shorter spring travel.
Need stronger stronger, but slower strut compression rate.
Need a wheel alignment.

I guess if you are ONLY doing it for shows, it’s not bad. But I won’t drop it SHOW LOW while on the street. All I’m saying is becareful.

when i eventually drop my car…it will be with prgresss, simply because my girl does not want to ride in a really rough car, considering how the car is already…

coilovers are crap unless you drop big bucks into them. I don’t want to be bouncing down the street

So yeah, back to the spoiler. LOL.

To awnser MLSallStar’s question that I didn’t see it dosent fit the stock holes you have to drill holes on the far edges of the trunk then I just plugged the holes with rubber plugs.