New Spoiler

Just got my new Erebuni spoiler with CF center on. What do u guys think?
(The decal looks tilted when u just look at the spoiler but its level with the car.)

Looks good bud. I like it.

  • Darron

Does that spoiler fit the stock spoiler holes?

Little bigger for my taste but it’s tastefully done and is of good size, well proportioned and looks clean, nice :slight_smile:

not really a fan of other than stock spoilers except maybe the celica wing, but it looks good.

I think it looks good!!


Looks good A-team…


I agree with Mark…was just about to say it myself. No more 4x4!

  • Darron

I agree! - Tigress

Looks good on the new front fasia. I probably wouldn’t have liked it on the older fasia.


i need to lower as well

yeah u do.

suspension techniques springs, w00t.

Go with Progress!

i want a progress drop. think it looks great

I love mine, dude. You can’t beat it.

progress for handling, coilovers for a serious drop.

Trudat, playa.

I got it lowered I went with H&R springs and tokico struts. Haven’t had a good time to take a pic its been snowing here and I’m going through a bad brake-up so I don’t really feel like doing anything. :cry:

Glad to hear that you got it dropped!!

Sorry to hear about your break-up. Hang in there, it’ll get better with time. Ive been there before.