New section - Post your garage

I’ve seen this on several forums on different clubs and places I frequent and wanted to share the idea with us so people can feel free to post up their rides, toys, and any rides they have, ZX2 or not! :slight_smile:

Make your own thread in here and post them up!

Eggselent! While I can’t claim to have a garage, I do have one hell of a lot of yard to play in. Presently occupied by my '98 ZX2, a '94 Blazer and a Little Tykes John Deere tractor with trailer for my 2 1/2 year old.

I have a lot of zx2 parts, a zx2, another zx2, and another zx2 out in a field totally stripped

I have 99 ZX2, 03 Legacy in my drive and 68 GTO :sunglasses: (pile of rust) :frowning: in my moms garage in those colours.

As of today (lol) in the “drivable group” I have two 99 s/r’s, two 98 ZX2’s, a 00 Focus Wagon, and a 94 Capri XR2.

In the “driving soon” group I have a 93 VW Eurovan MV, two 91 Capri’s, a 78 Datsun Laurel 200L (rhd), and a 91 Capri ATX.

In the “long term project” group I have a 67 Barracuda Notch, and a 88 Ford EXP

In the “For Parts Only” group is a 91 Escort HB, a 86 Escort GT, and a 00 ZX2.


Today me and the wife went up to the shop and drove home a new toy. 1986 Pontiac Fiero SE V6.

cool beans, congrats. whats your plans for it?

(Summer time)

(Right now) <-Getting painted




I have 3 zx2’s, only one is driveable :?

Post the pic’s up

Dude! Is that 'stang yours? I had a '69 fastback back around 1980, it was 302-2barrel w/dual exhausts, three speed w/ white Hurst ball shifter.

I Have Darkstarlight armor 66 ford fairlane( DADS) and My baby my 01 ford zx2 :smiley:

My mother’s yet it’s in the will for mine and guessing in a few years ill be taking her home with me. I have done the full restore on it. Only problem is I don’t want it 100 percent to be mine yet…I have to much stuff as it is and will be getting more…hahah

That’s right. Next to a '69 'stang, everything else is just “stuff”! Rock on . . .

Moving this back into the photo album section since it was rarely used :lol:

Chris mentioned we will be working on a photo album and site update at some point later in 2010. :slight_smile: