Ok, thanks to DangerouscurvezZX2 and her b/f I now have a JBA header and her rims. Check it out.

They are 17 inches, not my ideal rim size, plus I have no idea how much they weigh (haven’t noticed a difference though) but I got them because they had NEW ZR rated tires!

Plus I’m glad to have met Krystal and Luc. Nice to have local tuners that I can hang with.

Nice I used to have a set like that… I miss those rims

Those look nice bro!

Nice…they look pretty good.

The overall look I like. I’m still gonna get the 16 inch lightweight rims for when I get serious, but for now doing daily driving they are perfect.

i wanna get some 15inch SSR’s sooner or later…but they are expensive but well worth it…they only weight 8.8lbs each!!

Awesome stuff. Where are you from? I know Luc and Krystal and have met them numerous times. So for you to go get those goodies, you can’t live too far from me.

It looks really nice by the way.

I’m in LA. At least I live here, I’m almost EVERYWHERE in socal these days.

Nice rims!

Now get rid of that fender well gap :stuck_out_tongue:

The “S/R” drop is comming up next.

Beautiful… Now, I can’t figure out what that third decal is…I see Honda, VW and…?

  • Darron

Saturn. Jerk driving it was supprised his riced out Ion wasn’t leaving me in the dust. At least I think it was an Ion.


  • Darron

I think I found the type of rim. Looks like they weigh 21 pounds. :oops: Ah well, they look sweet!

i think those look sweet bro

very nice…can’t wait to see it dropped…

When I changed to 16" light weights I lost 8lbs on each wheel .