new PowerWorks supercharger dealer

Jayco will now be selling Powerworks superchargers email

Link doesn’t work, HAve you accualy tested one of them on a ZX2?

fixed the link and we are currently testing one of them right now

Which is prefered? supercharger or turbo??

Currently… turbo. The reason being there are only a hand full of S/C that have actually been installed on ZX2’s. None of them were easy, and most considered them not worth the work put in.
With that being said, there is a belief that the Power Works S/C will work, but it has never been tested for fitment. Jayco was suppose to do this about a month ago, But I have heard nothing seance.

hey im driving it around and having fun leave me alone lol, so seriously ill post some pics i finally figured it out…

I would love to see that, If you have it on the car and all install kinks worked out, I be buying one in the future.

Ditto to that.

oh oh! Pics? :smiley:

Pics would be excelent? Dont leave us hanging?

r u offering this in a complete kit where nothing else will be needed to purchased for this to work beside a better clutch

Still waiting on those pics…

No fair teasing us. Please post pics.