new pics of the roush

I dont wanna be a jerk , but thats stupid !

whats stupid

There are only 2 roush’s made , and one is in a museum , the other hit the crusher ~

ok well im known as roush because roush sighned my zx2
u dont know that so its all good

dude, That emblem looks sweet. I actually didnt know that roush signed the ZX2 either. But still pretty cool. I like the Orange / silver interior. Just gotta touch up that center console a little. =)

the center is coming out in the next few mths just had to finish all the other things first befor i did it
i had to many projects going on at once

lol I hear you…

Bike restore, Car stereo rebuild (finally a woofer back into my car), online school.

school takes up the most time, Bike is a slow project as well as Car.

I like the colors you got going on though.

who cares…we can call this the third roush zx2…it was signed by roush himself

thanks player i appreciate it
dont let your bro hear u say that though :lol:
like i said thanks