New Look!

Still working on the template. So hang tight! I know there are problems when viewd in IE :wink: I will try to get it finished up today some time.

Looks good so far Chris!!:slight_smile: Great job!!:slight_smile:


its lookin good.

loookin GOOOOWD! lol :lol:

I’m loving it.

sorry mirror… not Mickey D’s lol jk

As always, Chris, you have done a magnificent job. I really like the way you just up and change it whenever you feel like it to. Being spontaneous is cool! :mrgreen:

Holy Crap!! Gone for a week and the site is completely changed!!
It looks good :slight_smile: Good job Chris :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s just my browser, but it looks…well…cheap. :frowning: soory dude. I like the older style better personally. This is rather plain. It’s hard to tell who’s saying what when you’re looking at the thread. Sorry…

  • Darron

Give it a little time. I had trouble adjusting to it, but it works fine.

Yeah guys simmer down this thread is fromt he last time round. Not sure why you guys started posting in it again. the whole look and feel will be changing shortly.

I’m simmered. Just very relieved to hear that it won’t be like this for long. :slight_smile: I was starting to get a li’l worried that you were hitting the bottle a li’l too much. Glad to hear that’s not the case. Well…not the reason that the site is as is. :smiley:

  • Darron

lol Yeah soon :wink: