New look for me, Buddy Club!

I am currently waiting to pick up my Buddy club kit for my ZX2! I am very excited. I paid a good ass price and its also the urethane kit. I had t jump on this kit with the price and with it being local. I’ll post pics when I get them!

Can’t wait to see, post pics ASAP.

I got the kit last night. Turns out, the kit is fiberglass. Its a good thing its new though. Im going to mach up the front bumper this weekend and hopefully it’ll be on until i paint it. Im going to be so scared with parking… Im going to only back into parking spots.

here’s the mach up pictures…

Here’s another…

I need to do some more work to it. I need to black out my spare headlights and then put them on. I had to put my stock bumper on because i need to go to inspection to try and pass again. So i’d rather have a a stock bumper for them not to bitch.

im so scared of fiberglass… BUT it does smell good when you drill it lol!

Its looking good!

Thank you. If today i fix stuff for state inspection, the front bumper will be on. I have money for paint supplies, i just have to tell pops when to pick it up!