New Kid Here

Hey guys I’m Jon, I live in Grants Pass, Oregon (southern Oregon) and love cars, i have 3 turbofords, the zx2, my pinto2.3 parts car, and my race car aero-notch 2.3T. I was registered on the teamzx2 forum but couldn’t take how negative they all were towards any and all modifications. Anyways I own 1 of the 500 black S/R’s, with a few tasteful modifications I have set it up with:

stock re-ringed junkyard motor, originally a Gude Performance turbo kit, but these kits do not fit very well, also, I highly modified it to work with the ZXtuner header I have, custom gas welded up-pipe, down-pipe, textured powder-coating on the inter-cooler piping, and valve cover, ACT 4 puck sprung disc, with heavier pressure plate, AEM wide-band o2, Blitz blow-off valve (recirculating), and turbo timer with integrated boost gauge, turboXs boost controller, 43lbs injectors, SCT re-flash on stock S/R ecu, Snow Performance water/alc kit (stage 2), Fidanza Aluminum flywheel, ebay external gate, All the factory S/R stuff, including the bushings, knob, cluster, leather wrapped wheel, mint daisies, borla, interior, and others etc…

Car makes 201whp@1bar(approx 7psi) to the wheels dynotuned. sorry no sheets, computer crashed.

Raced the car on the first transmission. lol. :lol: to a 14.00@101mph with 2.2 60ft. leaving soft, little did i know racing a vette later that night on 15 psi with 105oct. i grenade the first trans. oops. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Anyways, now what you guys have been probably wanting to see, the pics:

I dont know if the moderator is cool with me just posting straigh pics up, or if he wants to link them to save bandwidth, he can edit my post if he/she likes.

New Trans ready for install, anybody need a motor? :mrgreen:

Shot of the header/up-pipe from the underside:

Shot of the up-pipe out of the car:

Doin work

Car up on jacks getting ready for the new trans/clutch/pressure plate


Very nice car. I thought you sold it though?

Another oregonian! WELCOME!

thank you, nobody wanted to buy it, everybody was giving me crap about how much of a timebomb it is, blah blah, I will however be selling the whole turbo kit in a few weeks and keeping my car to drive and build my mustang.

How much for the kit?
Why do you want to sell it?
LOL I wouldve taken the motor but I just picked one up in Eugene.


Text me and we’ll talk about it, if you want the teo4h turbo or the T3.
kit comes with:

teo4h turbo (bad compressor blades :x
up-pipe that fits directly onto a zxtuner 4-2-1 header without modification!!!
all powdercoated ic piping,
blitz BOV with recirc pipe
oil filter sandwich plate to run oil lines
-6 AN fittings for oil and water lines
downpipe that bolts up if your exhaust is in stock location
Blits turbo timer/ digi boost gauge
all fittings and couplers
90mm lighting MAF
42lbs injectors

BRAND NEW Garrett T3 bolts right up, but need to fab up new exhaust/oil/water lines
AEM wideband

text me and we can work something out, I owe 2600 on my car and need as much out of this kit as I can get, obviously since the TEO4h is in poor condition it will be cheaper.



thats a great car there man - tastefully done and looks like some great design work on the turbo kit.

imo the motor wont grenade at under 1 bar boost, but the 4 puck clutch might be part of the cause for your tranny problems. hard jolting shift engagements are whats hardest on the tranny…

That clutch is the one i put in there with the new trans, thank you for the compliments, and I’ve been verrrry easy on this transmission and clutch, the new trans works great! the old one… busted on a 4-puck unsprung. lol. so i put a sprung hub in. dont need it now, the car is under the knife and has all the turbo stuff taken off of it, but im not gonna rip the trans out again to put a stocker back in it. haha.

thanks again guys. glad to be here.

well i think its time for a new all motor setup with a pair of nice lumpy cams :wink:

Haha, I’m gonna just drive my car around, and put some money into this:



Halfway there:

There are plenty of super duper tricks for the OHC. Check with the Brit’s, they really dude 'em up.