new job...going turbo!!

Well I just got a new job working as a repo guy for a friends mom and i am told to be making at least $1600 a month…that going off the last guys monthly pay. So…im gonna start buying all the turbo parts.

Plans are:
Focus exhaust manifold
t25 turbo from 95’ Gs-t
ebay FMIC
3" turbo-back (custom)
2.5" intake plumbing (custom from a muffler shop here)
SCT x-2
Fiddy Flywheel
SPEC stage 2 clutch (jayco)
AEM wideband a/f

Im training for the new job on tuesday and then I should start…cant wait to start buying parts!!

Once I start getting stuff I will post pictures.

Congrats, Slo.

I have a cousin that repo’ed for a bank in Fort Worth. It can be a very interesting job.

lol yeah very interesting…but in abilene nothing crazy goes down. Plus it pays pretty good and my friend Aaron (owners son) is gonna start working with me in the summer…so that will be A LOT of fun.

I have a brand new friddy light weight fly wheel sitting in my living room that i don’t have time to install, will you be intereseted in buying it? i have a slightly used (4000mile) specII stage 2 clutch i want to sell too…

PM sent.

You might want to get intake piping greater than 2.5". I know it wouldn’t have the restricting properties it would on an NA application, but since airflow hits a wall with that size, 2.75 might be a better bet.

I could be wrong though.

Im gonna look into that…

Also gonna try to use my wastegate dumptube (sorta like an adapter so i can use a factory focus manifold) and then just get a downpipe and full exhaust made. Since i just removed the a/c compressor and bracket and it free’d up A LOT of room. Will save me like $300 if i can get it to work…

I have a question for the turbo guys…this might sound stupid but oh well…does it matter which side of the intercooler the air should FLOW INTO?

First off…I’ve never looked into any boost/ic info…

However, I would think that it wouldn’t matter, but if it did, you should be able to just put it in facing which ever direction you want so it will flow the direction you’d like it to.

  • Darron

If the IC is big enough, then there will probably be a splitter on the hot side, to allow even flow over the entire IC. If you put it backwards, it would hamper flow a good chunk I’d imagine. Either way (large or small) there is going to be an in and out side.

dropdatscort told me it doesnt matter.

I dont know if this can be related to cars or not. But in my experience in working with Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating applications, direction of flow does matter. Installing an intercooler the wrong way (IMO) would hinder the performance gains you would recieve from having one in the 1st place.

Again… I do not know if that can be applied to boost applications in automotive but I assuming air flow properties are the same in either circumstance. (Air = Air)

Well if it depends on which side the air flows into the IC…shouldnt the dealer selling the part advertise that fact? Plus dropdatscort is very experienced with turbo’in the z and unless somebody with more turbo zx2 experience can tell me different then im gonna go with him. Im gonna ask kicker and see what he thinks.

Just giving you stuff to think about. Whats the point in doing if it doesnt work correctly, right?

Check the intercooler. If flow does matter it would more then likely be stamped on the IC somewhere near the air intake / outlet.

As far as advertising… why would any manufacturer advertise installation instructions? They would sell better on ‘ease of installation’. not confusion.

Definately keep asking the guys with turbo experience. I could be way off base, but I would rather understand it completely then install it and look like an ass when someone goes “Your inercooler is upside down”.

I’m pretty sure they are one way only. There should be mounting points, and it should be fairly obvious which way it’s supposed to go.

Oh i see what your talking about and respect you helping me out…also kicked said it doesnt matter.

didnt end up getting the repo job because they are trying to get rid of the current guy…and they are also trying to organize better. So i got a job doing warehouse work at a local food distributor…should pay for some of the upcoming mods until the repo job goes thru.

well good luck with getting the new job bro… i hope that it goes through for you