New iPhone

Hey guys! I just got a new iphone :slight_smile: its pretty sweet. Iam posting this from it now. Ok back to playing!

I don’t even own a cell phone, but those commercials make it looks so cool that I want one too.

damn apple…

I just got a new phone about a month ago, LG8700. Nice phone, but the bluetooth sucks balls.

Personally I think the Iphone is pretty cool but for less money I would get MotoQ if for no other reason that the fact that it probably will sync a lot better with my PC and a few custom applications that I would load onto it since it does run on the windows mobile platform.

Don’t take this as me “hatin” lol but I hate Ianything. Yes they do make some nice products but you can get anything else with the same quality and system specs for alot less money. Oh but wait then you wouldn’t be able to buy all the over priced accessories for it. Once again I’m not tyring to be mean it’s just my opinion, and my 3 1/2 years of experiance at Wal-Mart, and my whole life of working on electronics. Although I’m not saying I’m an expert as I am only 22 but I was also raised hating apple and my IT job at the college here just makes me dislike apple more.

Well not to be a dick here but your whole argument is based on an assumption and something that someone has possibly told you along the way in your life. Which is one of the leading causes of ignorance. When you can come back with a quality argument besides working at Walmart for 3 1/2 years and being taught to hate Apple products growing up then We can talk about the negatives of owning or buying an Apple.

I own a Mac Mini, 30GB iPod video, and now an iPhone. So when I state something I can back it up from personal use. I would not keep buying Apple products if they were not useful. I use my iPod everyday to and from work, all day at work, and also when I am outside mowing grass. I use my Mac Mini everyday at work for doing web design, print, and other misc daily tasks. As for as the iPhone I have not met one person who has disliked it after playing with mine for 10mins. They all want one. Price is a bit high but you are buying a high end phone. Not the cheap model which comes free with your contract.

So please before claiming that the iPhone or “iAnthing” is worthless please educate yourself and try it out. Thats what Apple stores are for. To go play with the technology before you buy it.

Oh by the way I also own 4 other PCs and a 360 just in case you were wondering. I am not just solely running Apple products.

I have a Treo, and it does everything that the iPhone can do. But see, thats after 90 to 120 dollars extra in share ware fees for the software to add that functionality, the time and effort to install and configure them, the headaches when it crashes the device for the bajillionth time, the mind to troubleshoot it and keep it stable while my finance just wants to borrow it to make ONE call (lol, that was fun). Not everyone has the tech knowhow to get a device that offers all that and makes it work. Apple just packaged all that and gave the consumer ONE place to go to for troubleshooting. Not a bad business model if I do say so.

I never said they were worthless. I just said they are a bit over priced. I did state that they do have good quality since obviously they sell alot of them. Also I should of said the Wal-Mart time was in Electronics. And I don’t disagree that they did a good job of puting the product together in one simple to use package I just don’t like how you have to pay for the name. Also I have used the iPods and other things so I do personally know how well they work and how easy they are to use. So don’t say that I don’t know with your assumption cause that causes ingnorance as well.

Well you pretty much just came of stating you hated Apple products “just because”. Same mentality one of my friends has which drives me crazy cause the only reason he will give me for hating apple products is “just because”. So I just assumed you had some sort of preconceived thought or idea about what the products are with out ever actually trying them. Also the iPhone is not even close to an iPod in usability. Its more like a dumbed down version of a mac mini.

It’s cool, after I read my first post it came off alittle more harsh than I ment it to so sorry about that.

I have to say, I don’t like MACs very much because of the limitations of software. By limitations, I mean how many products do come out for MACs. My only problem is when they do come out for a MAC, they tend to be a superior version than the Microsoft version.

Right now I work for Time Warner Cable in the Roadrunner division and I love MACs, because they never call in about problems. And only sometimes do they call to get setup for internet access. Most of the call ins are by old people who need help setting up their MAC mail. That’s about it. Extremely rarely, do I receive a call about a MAC that can’t connect to the internet.

As for my hands on experience, it take a little time to get use to using a MAC. But by design it take even less effort to use if you don’t have any technical skills. And MAC must be doing something right if Microsoft is using some of the ideas that the MAC engineers came up with. Ex: Vista has a search feature in the top right corner when navigating file system on your computer.

I can’t wait to see what MAC improves next.

and microsoft thought they were taking over the world! sheesh!!

Well I’m not suprized that microsoft has some mac features since they own part of them. They were going in the toilet and Bill Gates being the buisness man he is bought part of them to keep them from going under. And you also probably only very rarely hear from mac people cause there is not many out other. Thats like the other day I had a pc repair man tell me that dells suck cause they have to many problems and thats all he ever sees. I’m not gonna say that I like dells cause I’d rather build it myself but he sees them all the time cause that all anyone owns anymore lol. Besides this is alittle off topic cause the stand alone iStuff is really pretty seperate from the computer.

Microsoft did buy apple stock back in 1997. Since then has sold it all off. At any rate that has no correlation between features in vista mimicking OSX. Microsoft is just trying to mimic something that people like.

As for dells they do suck. I am sure if you took a sampling of 100 dells and 100 macs the dells would definitely come out on top with the most problems.

That is what Microsoft does best. They copied Apple back in the day with Windows, copied the iPod with the Zune, copied Sony with the Xbox… But whatever works I guess.

As for dells they do suck. I am sure if you took a sampling of 100 dells and 100 macs the dells would definitely come out on top with the most problems.

I don’t like Dells either and their tech-support is in India. Dell or Apple, I would purchase an Apple.