New Illinois Speeding Laws

Illinois will begin using photo radar in freeway work zones in July. Second offense tickets are $1,000 with license suspension. Beginning in July the State of Illinois will use speed cameras in areas designated as “Work Zones” on major freeways. Anyone caught by these devices will be mailed a $375.00 ticket for the FIRST offense, but the SECOND offense will cost $1000.00 and comes with a 90-Day suspension. Drivers will also receive demerit points against their license, which allows insurance companies to raise their rates. This represents the harshest penalty structure yet for a city or state using PHOTO enforcements. The State will begin with TWO camera vans issuing tickets in work zones with speed limits lowered to 45 MPH. Photographs of both the Driver’s face and License plate are taken.

Wow…that’s crazy. Wow…

  • Darron

If you really want to stick it to them. Pull over, take a bat and smash the camera. Do this enough times and they will realize that they need officers to patrol the roads.

yeah… I’ll just take my plates off, where a ski mask or a halloween mask, get a baseball bat, and smash the camera in front of at least 50 witnesses, and get away with it… not going to work. This is Chicago, not 1 minute will go by at any time of the year day or night under 50 cars come by. Not to mention at least 5 police cars and 2 state troopers per highway patrol the downtown highways.

Sounds like a good plan! Though I would recommend using someone else’s car at night. You know I didn’t really mean it.

I didn’t know this was in a more urban area. For the Buffalo area and I would think for the rest of NY, state troopers are the only patrol cars on the highways. Only time you see a cop on the Highway is when it’s the end of their shift.

Though I would think that using a mechanical device to give a speed-reading wouldn’t work to well when people are close together. I’m not sure of the laws in Chicago, but in NY every device that a trooper or officer must test the device’s accuracy. I wonder how often a pole in the middle or side of a busy highway gets checked?

If you do get a ticket, who comes and testifies against you? The technician who wasn’t there to witness it?

The state attourny, with video survailence as evidence. Against my word.

the technology is not in-fallable. years ago my mother got a ticket from down in Long Island somewhere. They had a speed reading as well as a photograph of her car. The thing about it is, she was never down in Long Island.

Chicago, Illinois = Shitcago, Hellinois