New here!

How do!

I (actually my daughter) just bought a '98 ZX2 with 116K on it. Bone stock, black with an auto and no rear spoiler. Guess I can’t attach a pic of it :frowning:

I know from experience these forums are a great source of info - I’m pretty sure she’d never sign on to a site like this, and since I’ll be responsible for care of the car for the next year or so, here I am.

Looks like a pretty low-key place compared to some of the auto forums I’m on. That’s a good thing.

I’m sure I’ll have some questions soon. :slight_smile:

There is a good amount of people on here and knowledgeable that’s for sure just no really hot topics lately.

So whats new and were ya from? What kind of other cars do you have since you go on other sites as you mentioned.

I have a 2001 Zx2 with bolt on’s, nitrous, kit, custom interior,etc. I also work on my 1969 Mustang(5.0 with C4 auto) in it at as well.

Glad to see you come bye and enjoy your stay.

welcome man. hope your daughter enjoys the car.

They are great little cars.

If you don’t mod them they are great on gas… or if you mod them for better gas mileage.

I just purchased my second one that I’m using as a Daily Driver. My other DD broke down and has been put out to pasture or the glue factory (stang).

As Krux said there are some good people here and most, myself included are more than willing to help.

If you ever need any info feel free to hit me up here or send me an email at (Darryl is my name).

Enjoy the boards.

Welcome to the boards man if you have any questions feel Free to ask. I am sure there isnone of us that can answer your questions

D, what year was the mustang…?


awesome and welcome! great group of people here! :slight_smile:

yep - thats why i like this forum as well, its kind of bs free and concentrates more on the car.


We live in upstate NY in the hills outside the small town of Middlesex. My car is a 2000 Subaru 2.5 RS (pre-WRX). My wife has a 2002 Subaru Forester, and we also have a 2000 Chevy S-10 p/u 4cyl stick to haul stuff with.

So I’m on a couple of upstate NY Subaru sites, rarely on, though I’ve been a member since 2000 - it just got too big after the WRX came to the states. I’m also on, a general car forum in Rochester.

I took the ZX2 to my mechanic for a look-see, and he mentioned it will probably need new brake lines in the next year or so, the timing belt is worn, but not too bad yet, and the coolant hoses looked a little questionable. There’s also some rust on the underside in front of the left rear wheel. But for $2200, you’re not going to get a showroom-new car. It runs strong and feels solid.

Here it is

welcome to the site, I was just up in NY a couple weeks back, outside Albany. Your daughter’s car looks a lot like mine did 3 years ago, except for the black paint :slight_smile:

Thats a nice area out there. Mellowness(Zack) was at my house in albany like he said. Cool to have another Ny member, even if it is your daughters car. We’ll get you to mod it, no worries. :wink:

I agree! I’m sitting at a 1/4 of a tank and havent filled up in almost a month, and that’s with drving it around town 5 days a week.

And you should try to get your daughter on here…we could always use some more female posters over here lol!

Just checked the last tank of gas - 34mpg. Nice!

1st question - how does the center console come out?

It has on of those Sony multi CD changers in the trunk, with the controller up front. The wire runs down under the center console. She owns probably 10 CDs total - everything is on her iPod and she has an iTrip for that (she may also buy a cassette adapter for it). So I want to take the unit out without damaging it and maybe try to sell it on Craig’s List. Any tips?

center console removal:

  1. move front seats all the way forward and remove the 2 phillips screws on each side of the rear half of the console.

  2. pull up the e-brake handle and pop the rear section up and off, sliding it over the e-brake handle. Remove the 2 screws holding the bottom of the front half of the console to the floor (the rear console half was covering them).

  3. unscrew the shift knob and pop the rubber boot out of the groove on the bottom of the knob. Pull out the black plastic cupholder insert.

  4. remove the 4 push -pins on the front sides of the console (the center button is pried up and then the pins come out as one piece.

  5. put the shifter in 2nd gear - and then while placing your hand over the black cubby part that contains the cig lighter, pull the console back and over the shifter handle. Voila!