New here, heres my ZX

Sup guyz, i’m a proud owner of 3 zx2 lol, one as my daily driver and 2 others i bought for the parts. My name is Jérémy (not Jeremy lol) I’m a french canadian thats comes from the province of quebec :slight_smile:. I bought a zx2 about a year and a half ago, wasnt really planning on modding but my mind changed lol. So here it goes :

The rims that’ll be on the car next summer :

Modz done so far :

-WW lip kit
-Altezza style tail lights
-17" BSA chromes rims
-Clarion ProAudio Speakers
-Pioneer deck
-2"¼ pace setter exhaust

Thats mostly it. Next project is to repair a buddy club full body kit and put it on the car, then customs trunk and roof spoiler, eyelids and suspension. If time and money allow me i’d like to wide the fenders about 2".

Here what happens when your mom don’t see your car while driving the pick up out the garage :

The car now has black front bumper and hood… i’ll get the car painted prolly after winter time, when the body kit will be ready to get installed. So here I am lol

Nice car man, it’ll look nice lowered. I say keep the ww on the front, I’m not a fan of kit bumper replacements. Welcome to the site:)

Welcome to ZX2MS! its been awhile since we’ve had anyone new from the north.

Definately keep with WW kit, it is the nicest kit produced for the zx2. I have mine in the basement waiting to go on my car. I jsut have to figure out how to mod-it for my 03 bumper.

thanks for your welcomes! I’d like to make my zx kind of a showcar im not much about performance but i got the BC kit for so cheap if i dont like it ill just fix it and sell it hehe. Not lots of ppl around here tune zx2, 1 on 2s are owned by old ppl lol…

Sorry to here about your accident. Perhaps your mom will spring for a carbonfiber hood. Since you live in the north like I do, don’t put on the Buddyclub kit unless it is Polyurethane.

I’ll prolly try the kit on and if i really dont like it ill put back the WW :wink:

Sorry about the bad luck with your mom not looking while backing out.

Look on the bright side, now you get to start having fun with it.

yeah it started from a clean car and in five minutes finished as a project lol

Nice z. To bad she hit it though.