New guy to the site - pics of my car

clean and simple, all you need is a set of drop springs and some better rims and you’ll be doing A-OK!

Where’s the tranny cooler? I want to see a pic of that.

Sorry, don’t have a pic of that. It’s really nothing worth taking a pic of, lol!

Ok…Well where did you put it? Left or right side, Engine compartment or inside plastic molding?

Driver’s side, in front of radiator.

If you are wanting info on where/how to install one, I suggest this link, lots of good info:,13706.0.html

I already know how to install one. I’m just wondering where you up yours.

I see. I decided to place it in front of the radiator so it would get more air. I also chose the driver’s side since that’s where the cooler lines (tranny) are at. They also go into the radiator on that side. It was less hassle that way and I allowed me to use the least amount of lines.

Ok…Just checking.