new guy here and new to computers so have a heart

only people here that drive zx2s is elderly :frowning: :frowning:

Welcome to the site lykan2001!

WElcome to ZX2MS. And some of us are elderly. LOL

no disrespect intended. I happen to be pushing 40 but still feel like i am still 20 sure wish i looked 20 lol

Welcome to the site!! :smiley:



welcome board…

haha im not elderly and the way these guys act you’d think we are all my age… lol… none of them are ready for nursing homes… lol you should find this very youthful

42 but i feel older :smiley:

iM in my mid 30’s but i look like im in my 20"s

24 going on 25 myself

just turned 25 myself!

Funny that there are two threads where age is a topic. Some of us are posting twice. :smiley:

Darron and I both turned 23 in May.