New CF Hood!

Not installed just yet, but I’m gonna pick it up from Rob tomorrow. What I wanted to ask is what do you all think of these for hood pins? [url=] ... duct=26361[/url]

Those things are sweet, I seen them on a car once. I though about getting some, but haven’t had time yet. Let me know how it goes…

I’m liking them more and more, trick will be is getting them installed right. I’m nervous, I screw this up and there goes a CF hood. :cry:

Find a body shop… I only installed my hood pins after practicing on several normal hoods. Mind you I installed nomal hood pins.

Seeing as how the WW kit I’m getting from Chris will not have the bonded tape making it an easy install, I’m gonna have to find one for that anyway.

get the locking ones. Its harder for someone to just come up and take the hood pins out and make off with your hood.

or anything else they felt like taking under the hood

I got the locking ones. They look rather nice actually.

Darth Maverick, your mission is to suply as much video information as possable of your hoodpins, to include how hard they are to install, quallity of product, and overall performance.

Roger that, video blog time! I plan on putting the hood on this friday.

Ok, so here is what we got so far.
First was to just make the bolts clear the hood, thats fairly routine.

A little test fit.

The package came in handy in making a template.

Using a center punch to etch in the spot we need to clear.

Now came the tedious process of cutting it out.

We ended up just spot drilling it though. :smiley:

Very Nice. Can you take a picture of the the hood pins from further back?

Moved this to “How To” Section

yah bro i want to see the finnished product…

We had to stop because we were loosing sunlight. Plus I’m gonna be busy for the next few days and I can’t go over to my dad’s till then. But I’ll get pics soon enough!

Installed! Video Blog and pics to follow.

I havent been here in a while so , nice hood!!!..I got one to , it’s used , its a oem style cf zxtuner hood also . I got it for $275 shipped from someone on teamzx2 and its like a month old . The person who owned it didnt even drill nozzle holes let alone hood pins. My car has a issue with the turbo piping so its in the shop and I cant wait to get it back so I can install the hood.