new cd

My son is in a band called the victory year. they will be releasing a new cd soon. please check them out  comments welcome

Your son and the band are pretty good. Good voice and evenly balanced instruments. thumbs up on this one. :smiley:

not quite my taste of music but still enjoyable.

good luck yto him and his mates

Nice, very nice!

Let me know about a CD!

Cool. I’m with Roush, I’m not the biggest fan of the style, but I wouldn’t turn it off if it came on.

Staying mildly on topic…my brother’s in a band with an album coming out two weeks from tomorrow (April 3rd). This Beautiful Republic

  • Darron

i believe there’s a place on the website that you can order one, if your interested.

PS my sons name is matt.

Well, you can tell Matt that a 17 year old female liked his music lol. And she said keep it up! I’ll be gettin a CD soon.

Thats a target demographic right there. :mrgreen:

thanks to all for the comments

Yay… let’s go after groupies. :roll:

found a couple of videos :smiley:

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sounds pretty good kinda reminds me of mxpx. not my cup of tea anymore. anymore im into techno and dark heavy metal :evil: but still none the less pretty good maybe they will hit a contract soon and u can make him pay back for all the years he got money off u and stuff :wink: