New around here but not with ZX2's, just a pic for ya guys

just an old pic of my old ZX2 (R.I.P.) :cry:

I gotta get some pics of the new ZX2

Damn thats nice… Oh yeah and the cars pretty clean too lol. No offense if thats your old lady or anything, but seriously compliments on both the ride and the model. Maaaaannn… ok sorry i’m done.

w3rd! what happened to the old zx2? more importantly what happened to the girl on the hood? j/p smoking… both of 'em.


Old girl, we borke up a while ago, as for the z, I was coming down a windy mountain road and was taking a right banked turn when the front passenger tire blew out, went of the edge over a 40 foot cliff and rolled her six times. not a fun ride. i put alot of hard work and time into that car.

As most people do when something like that always happens. Pretty sure anytime someone is into customizing cars they’ve ran into it and if not yet probably will. I know I’ve been their with past cars. Only thing to do is start from the beginning. Well at least you got a heads up on what you liked. Good luck.

that must have been one scary ride… im glad to see you survived. I know how it is to lose a vehicle youve put so much time and effort into, it sucks royally.

I lost my zx2 two februarys ago. slid right into a bridge off a patch of ice, less then 1/4 mile from my house.


that wasn’t my first tuner car to go, nor my last my first project was a 97’ Civic hatchback with a fully stripped interior, roll cage, H22a Spoon Motor, turbonetics T3/04 Hybrid Turbo. Ran an 11.23@138mph, then came the zx2 which was a full autocross car, to many mods to list, then i built a fully done AWD TSi Talon that ran a 11.10@141mph. and now i have another zx2 to play with so we will see what can happen now

Not directed to anyone around here but a lot of people look at losin their project car as wasted money, but it shouldn’t be like that. I like to consider my loses as learning tools, obviously know more now than I did then. Not gonna get it back now so might as well not complain. Plus it the bad things that happened thats drove me to start over on somethin else, well that and I love cars.

Like I said before goodluck on the new Z, seein as I’m sure you got a good idea on what you want and don’t want. Just have at it lol.

i didn’t say that they were wasted money. I love new challenges. espically on z’s!! :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean you I was referin to other people I know. First line is usually the most important lol. Just messin with ya.