NEW 00 ZX2 !!

So I just bought a 00 zx2 on Sunday.

It has 74k miles, and is spotless. At the moment I am not looking into doing too many mods, but in a year or so I want to build the motor and turbo it. Rims and kit. I am not going to be going for a ricey look but a nice clean look.

I have a few questions. The guy I bought the car from gave me the keyless entry, but said he disabled it. I am thinking that he most likely didn’t disable it since I read a post about resetting the transmitter. How can I check to see if he disabled it.

Also since I am a noob to the zx2, does this car come with an arm rest? Mine doesn’t have it and its driving me crazy. Also, my steering column isn’t tilt either. Is there a conversion that doesnt require messing with the airbag. I don’t feel like having one blow up in my face.

Thanks for the help!

Congratulations on your purchase and Welcome to ZX2! We hope you enjoy many hours with your new ride as we enjoy ours!

There is a How-to on the keyless entry (how to reset). I don’t know if this will help or not (I do not have keyless) but its a starting spot.

Yes there is a arm rest for the zx2, however good luck finding it. Most of them will be in junkyard zx2’s or EGT’s. I think at one time offered an armrest but I do not know how it fit. As far as tilt steering, I have not heard of a ZX2 with Tilt (I could be wrong though…).

my black 98 and my wife’s 03 both had tilt wheels. As far as an engine build and turbo. We can point you in the rite direction. Welcome to the community.

Awesome. Thanks for the welcome! Ill post pics sometime soon

[color=orange]1) Welcome to!!!

  1. Rice bad…good call on the avoidance. :wink:

  2. To find out if keyless entry works…try it! If it doesn’t work…try resetting.

  3. My wife’s 99 as well as my 99 has a tilt steering wheel. To obtain one for your car, you’d likely have to replace the entire steering column…aka P.I.T.A.

  4. Keep the questions coming (in appropriate areas of course. :slight_smile: )

Making sure you were paying attention there. :wink:

  • Darron

hmm… guess I got shafted (pun intended) on the steering column.

I Stomped Ironmark :smiley:

No tilt wheel in either of my zx2s. I’ve actually never been in one with the tilt wheel.


Well, I found out it didn’t have the factory keyless. It was an aftermarket alarm. The guy I bought it from said he disabled it. Turns out the douche cut the damn thing out. He left the wires, but no brain. So looks like I’ll have to use the key. I am going to take apart the door panel when I get a chance to see if it has power locks installed for that alarm. Unless you guys know if all of our cars came with the necessary hardware and were just not wired.

Also on a side note. My blinkers blink real fast. I checked the fuses under the dash and under the hood. They were all good. So I’m thinking wrong bulbs? Am I forgetting something?

Every bulb is lite up?

Blinkers work on electrical current that heats up a little peice of metal which makes it move and creating a curcuit. Anyways, that resistance also depends on the resistance the bulb has. So I bet wrong bulb like you said. Not a big deal but it can be irritating I guess.

It may have led bulbs, which have no resistance. That will cause them fast flashing.