Nerd's car?

So I don’t know that I’ve made this known publicly (on here), but I’ve recently started a new full time job as an outsourced I.T. guy (computer nerd/geek as I like to say, but tigress hates it. :slight_smile: )And I’ve come to realize that the vast majority of us are all in the I.T. field somehow, or at least interested/knowlegeable about computers/networks. So I pose this question…is the ZX2 the nerd’s car? lol I just think it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious that our community here is full of “computer guru’s” and “techies.” If any of you guys disagree with me, that’s fine, you can stay down there in your parents basement and turn up your Star Trek. :wink: :lol:

  • Darron

Don’t live in a basement and have my own house, sorta. Shared with my brother and cousin.

But perhaps the car is a geek car. Of course you would have those who aren’t in the IT field. If you look at most of the people who own them and do something with them, they are going to college, in college or just leaving (5 years after college).

im 19 still live at home in my parents attic , dont watch star trek , know very little about computers, i go to tech school for motorcycles , i work construction during the day and im going off to the marine corps in november for Military Police , and i know way more about cars and bikes then i should i also like hardcore and emo music and long walks on the beach…

regular old hardcore romantic…

What episode of star trek are we talking/???

well i dont live w/ my parents i own my own home and a rental property,
i dont know much about the computer amd only have 1.5 yrs of college. but i know a lot about star trec or at least DS9 and The next generation at least. So i guess im middle of the road.

I didn’t say EVERYONE was a computer geek. And I know that it’s a lot smaller percentage over at Team, but it seems most of us here on ZX2MS could be considered computer geeks. Ya’ll need to know I was kidding. :slight_smile: I like to play. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I am kinda a geek more or less. I work fulltime as a software enginner and do web design all the time also. I don’t watch too much TV though,

I would assume that we do drive the geek car. I myself am still in high school, but I would more than likely be classified as a nerd or geek by my friends. But yeah, I’m going to Georgia Tech next year (the greatest engineering school in the south), so I’ll put another vote towards the z being a geek car. I even have the highest SAT score in my school, what a nerd, lol.

you guys are a bunch of nerds…lol

i’m certainly not…at least I wouldn’t classify myself as one

I’ll put in a vote as an alcohalic’s car.

^^^^agreed…dave loves his beer 8)

alcaholics car sounds about right for me, but before I read that I always thought a zx2 was a girls car…at least until ya hook it up. That is what got me into this, bought the wife a new car and stated driving her zx2, just cant stand driving it stock. Definitly not a geek car though…geek car would be toyota tercel or somthing like that.

so the general consensus is that we drive an Alcoholic Geeky Girls car…

Gotta love them college chicks

COLLEGE GIRLS!!! WHERE! HOW MANY! Are they into older married men and do they have whiskey!

and im straight edge kid on top of everything so i dont fit into any of the sterotype… i never thought id ever find myself wanting to be a geek like the rest just to fit in lol

ok i just had to post on this one…

Im 16 so of course i live at home… as for you all… you are on the computer 24/7…

To me the Zx2 is a girls car and always will be… its just too small for guys… but i think its cool that you guys like em… says your confident with your sexuality lol… kinda like guys wearing pink these days ya kno?

anyways as for college girls… MAKE SURE THEY’RE LEGAL!!

No…Guys who wear pink are GAY!

They only do it because you noticed them which is not much different than the mind set of girls: “Look at me, Look at me!”

easy killer… id hate to have to hurt you… guess what guys??? PICS ARE COMING NEXT WEEK!!! lol i kno… i procrastinate

I hate computers.
I play with bombs every day (for a living).
I’m a car geek. I think that counts.

Well, I’m in I.T. Guess I’m only helping to contiune the trend.