Need your help!

Ok… as the story on the frontpage goes I need your help deciding on a domain name and name for the site. So lets hear what you think.
Chris :smiley:

well… whats the basis for your content going to be? I know its car related, but what do you specifically want to target?


There is going to be…
Articles (every month featuring several cars and owners)
Gallery (All members get s gallery with unlimited space)
Forums (There will be a general forum for the site)
News (All information on the automotive world)
Show Coverage (with articles about the show… possibly video footage later on)

Then there are the subdomains
each car will get its own subdomain

At first there will be only a couple subdomains with several added each month based on votes and which cars are popular. Eventualy all vehicles, makes, and models will have their own subdomain. Each subdomain will include the following…
Forums (just for the specific vehicle)
News (Just for the specific car )
Tutorials/How Tos (Just for specific car)

I will add more on this later… Also if you have an idea for a feature that should be added let me know.

hmm, not sure, it should be something new, but not like ricy new like a stupid name. IDK lol

No!!! Not “civicsi.” The arch-enemy of the Zx2?

Though it would be fun to poke fun at them once in a while.

what about something like, The automobile world database, car world, automobile enthusiasts united. National organization of car enthusiasts (NOCE)

Chris I think this is an awesome Idea, with a little advertising and good management this site could rule all. I’m assuming you’ll merge zx2ms into this new site? then maybe other sites will follow suit and you’ll have a monopoly over all car sites. wow. I like the idea chris. I hope you play your cards right.

I am hoping it will work out as well as I am thinking. But I still need to figure out a domain name.

I like “The Automobile Enthusiast’s Database� or “The Automobile Enthusiast.�

hhmm I like those.

On another note I need people to help with the site. Possible in the fiture I will be able to pay for peoples help but for right now I just need people that can help work on the new project and help get the site off the ground.

If interested in helping head on over to register, then go into the form Project HorsePower. This way we can move the discussion over there. Thanks again guys,


i have some domain names u could use.

i dunno if they are available though. just some ideas

Sup playa nice to see you over here too.

hey man! lol, i googled the domain names, most were already taken. cept so think about it. i stumbled upon a russian forum. i think it’s

i know some of those names are bussineses around here as in hyperformance
my car is thetrre as i speak
nightracers is a car shop in queens ny so we have to be careful on the names not to step on toes

that’s right.

There’s always my personal favorite…CRACK ADDICTS ANONYMOUS!!! lol Sometimes at work I feel like I work at a crack addict hotline…

  • Darron

LOL thats funny Foo