Need temporary help for the zetec engine...

New member here, but original owner of a 00’ zx2 s/r.

I really only need temporary help on my zetec motor, cause well, come in one month or two, i will be doing a 351ci V-8 rwd engine swap into my zx2…hehe, engine, clutch, 9in rear-end with disc brakes, and front 275 sumotumos, and rear 315’s sumotumos, are already purchased…waiting on bbs racing rims with custom backspacing etc to be shipped, so i can put it all together, and line up the tranny/driveshaft…anyhow…

but my problem is this, the car really isnt driven that much anymore because i have bought a 05 focus, and with 4 doors its easier to use with my kiddos and better gas mileage.

But im driving it more and more, and there is a odd intake engine noise that i have no idea where its coming from during hard rpm racing if you will (and is causing power loss during legal scca type events)…i do have a open intake cone, and when i hit hard hard bumps it falls off and makes a open throttle body noise, very funny like vaccum noise etc, but that rarely rarely happens and is almost harmless…

but on to the odd problems, my rpms are staying at a high rev sometimes, as in ill start my car and instead of doing the whole normal 1300rpm then drop to about 900rpm, it stays at like 3000rpm, then dances not fast or horrible just very very slightly from 1500rpms to 3000rpms, like one light it will be at 1200rpms, and then ill drive to the next light and it stays at 3000rpms, next light 2000rpms…

and as for the intake noise, when i go past 4000rpms, there is a noise as if my filter has fallen off, like a open throttle body noise with no intake on it…the car has never sounded like this ever, and there is no knocking no stalling, etc…besides the funny high idle, and even at that it sounds extremely normal…and when it makes this noise, i pull over to check my intake and its normal as it has been for about 6yrs now.

as for maintenance on the car…i change my oil ever 3k or less, i use a hyperlube additive that replaces 1quart of oil designed for high temp high rpm driving, i change my spark plugs every 2 oil changes, and the spark wires with 9mm wires every year…this has been done for 6yrs straight…and this is the first time in over 200k miles that the engine has ever sounded like this…any temporary solutions or ideas? dont want to spend no 200 dollars so that i can turn around 2months later and replace the entire engine…

You might have tried this, unplug the battery for 5 minutes to reset the computer.

Check all your vaccuum lines. That might explain the RPM jumps.

Also check your MAF. Computer might be getting a wrong reading.

Have you checked your PCV lately? Mine had a hole in the line, no noticable powerloss but did have a slight vaccuum sound at low RPM. PCV is only to protect your environment, but could cause you problems.

Can you also list any MODs you have done to the engine.

Like Nick said, disconnect the battery. I would also check your vacuum lines and the MAF. Especialy with the idling high issue. Hit up the MAF with some electrical contact cleaner to clean it. This might clear up the problem if its sending the wrong signal to the Computer.

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Attempting a engine swap? Sweet, keep us posted!

TPS or IAC maybe?

^^yep, sounds like IAC to me, too. BTW- Whatcha gonna do w/ the S/R package?! Anything for sale? I really do hate to hear about another S/R demise, but am willing to keep some of the parts alive.