Need Some Opinions

Alright on my Civic I had blue neons under the dash which the car was black at the time. And I wanna put neons inside the Z as well but want to get some opinions on color choice. Being a yellow car not really sure what color I should go with. And the green gauges to don’t want to make it look really odd and mixed up. Let me know what y’all think?

Is there by chance yellow one’s out there…than again I guess with the green gauges and were the radio is it wouldn’t work out too well eh? I guess green you could do.

Thought about green but not sure how that’d look?

i’m the kind of person that likes a flow of the same color for a theme. When it comes to lighting, my personal belief (again this is just me) is if you couldn’t put the two colors on the OUTSIDE of your car and make them match, don’t do it on the inside.

Streetglow does make yellow neon lighting, i’d stick with the same color as the exterior. Green looks nice as an accent, but for the interior it’s going to be pretty darn bright. yellow should be a bit softer, less distracting, and blend with your exterior color.

just my own $.02 but everyone has different taste.

post some pics when you’re done!

Yeah I thought about yellow, just might go with it and see what happens.

Red would also be a good selection. Just don’t over do it. Just enough will do you good like accents.

So what color did you decided with and did you put them in yet?

Think I’m just gonna go with yellow L.E.D.s from Street Glow. Got stuff to order from them for a new project I’m gonna be buildin for my trip to Tennessee in September. And the L.E.D. strips they’ve got are bright for a small strip that they are.

sounds like a good idea…post pic’s when you get it in there and working curious to seeing what it looks like.