need some help

K i need some help removing the tape deck thing, i was wondering if i could use those allow wrenches or wat ever they are called but do i need to turn any switches or anything. I looked this topic on teamzx2 but they didnt give me any specifics so can someone help me

i have a 01 zx2 if that makes any difference :expressionless:

thanks :mrgreen:

Alright bro…are you refering to the whole unit? 'cause all that black around the tape deck is one huge unit and all comes out as a whole. You’ll need a removal tool, or a wire hanger. The two holes on either side of the tape deck are what you put the tool/hanger into to remove the unit. There are a couple connections (I think one for each knob of the climate controls, and then the defrost and the radio). You’ll need an aftermarket plate (Metra or Scoche[sp?]) to install plus, obviously, a new head unit with the proper wiring kit.

Let me know if you need anything else…

  • Darron

Go to auto zone and show them a pic of this

They carry the tool in stock usually. Or look for it your self. :wink:

Its like $2 or somthing… Well worth it.

ah ha thats what im looking for! ^^^ thanks bro

if you need an adapter to install the new radio i have one…