need help!!!

my zx2 ran out of gas…now it will not start.i have tried several things;(1)turning the switch on and off too build pressure,(2)taking the fuel line off to prime the line,getting fuel in front of the filter(3)released the pressure on the fuel rail,got good spray of fuel(4)sprayed starting fluid into the throttle body…engine is turning over strong, but it is not even trying to start…if anyone out there in the ford world can make any suggestions…any help would be appreciated… :?

So you are getting fuil to the rail… I would check the pump just in case you burned it up… then the filter, you never know what was in the bottom of your tank…

sure it ran out of gas? does it sound “normal” when you are cranking over the starter? do you hear the fuel pump pressurize right after you turn the key to ign? for example a timing belt might have broke and it was assumed it ran out of gas…

i’ve found myself replacing a fuel pump in vain before because after a little more discovery i found the ground wire on the fuel pump ground connector was not tightened up (its that funny plastic cluster that fits on the negative battery terminal bolt).


Plug an injector test light (noid light) into one of the injector connectors and crank it over. If it flashes, then you are getting an injector pulse and that along with your already established fuel pressure would suggest ignition or mechanical. If there is no light or flash, then the computer system needs to be checked for the presence of crank sensor input. Most recently my secondary ignition was shorted out by oil flooding the spark plug wells from a valve cover leak.