Need Help

I was wondering if the Breather Element coming off the valve cover is a must have. I want to replace it with one of the spectra universal filters the little one you get a autozone in red blue or silver/crome. I have it installed but someone today told me thats i need the factory Breather Element.

plenty of people use aftermarket ones, it won’t hurt

Well, yes and no. Rule No. 1 for Mass Air Flow metered engines is that ALL air that enters the engine must do so through the MAF. However, in the ZX2 you will note that the PCV air inlet (breather) does not do so, but rather enters from the air cleaner ahead of the MAF. The system is programmed for this which is why keeping a clean and properly functioning PCV valve and vacuum line is vitally important to correct fuel/air metering for the “2”, and is also why they run so sick when they have PCV trouble. If your car is a high miler you may notice that your open element filter will get oily, especially if you drive with a bunch of combat commuters like I do. If you let it get obstructed it could cause oil consumption and leaks as the factory “breather” also serves as an oil/air separator allowing the oil to drain back into the valve cover. Go for it, but be sure to maintain it on a regular schedule to keep things running sparkly.

well put! what he said :wink: