Need help with content.

Hey guys is anyone willing to create a post with all of the body kits/body parts/hoods/wings/ect… with pictures and prices $$… It doesn’t need to be real pretty I will clean it up and move it to its own actual page. If anyone can help with that… that would be awesome! Thanks,

I did do that, but it just doesn’t have any pictures. I could add them, but we might be looking at longer loading times for 56k users.

alright well lets move it to another post… Once I get the rest of the site up I am going to be moving it to a new area. Also is anyone intersted in starting a ZX2 Wiki? Its somthign that will be up indeff as long as I am alive :stuck_out_tongue: lol I kinda want to start it. That way we have a permnant home for the zx2 info. Let me know if you are intersted.

I know nothing of coding, but if you want someone to do data entry I’m in. :slight_smile:

I have brochures I would like to put intto txt format… Like each model year… options colors… ect… I will setup a wiki tonight so anyone who wants admin access to it to start creating pages let me know.

Cool, I’m there.