Need Help With Cam Decision

I have a 1999 zx2 i been building on my own and need help on what cams would be good to put in it to get a good power difference. This is my first real project and need advice. It is my everyday driver but will also take to the track.

If you don’t work the intake and exhaust manifold situation you won’t be happy with a cam change. The thing I’d like to try, but don’t yet have the budget for, is to bang on the compression ratio, most likely with a stroke out, and re-tune it.

Ok thanks for the tip. Also, i dont know if you know or not but is port and polishing the head a waste of money?

Everthing helps so I would not say it’s a waste.

porting def. helps the head, that’s why ford did it on the svt focus :wink:

Alright thanks. I was gonna port it awhile ago but didnt know how big of a difference it would make. Everyone i pretty much know built V8s and know nothing about 4 cyls