Need For Speed Most Wanted Official Thread!

Hey guys! I have been playin the game and love it. Here are some screen shots I took of my Cobalt SS :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I am $10% complete with the game.

is it as good as they say it is?

What system is it for?

It ROCKS! Its for my PC but you can get it for PS2 Xbox I think.


  • Darron

i’m debating whether or not i should get it. the other two were kinda the same, cept in 2 u can drive around a city.

well here are the vehicles i ahve aquired thus far in the game…

Right now I still have my Cobalt SS and I have 2 Supras :wink:


Have you played it online yet? I want to know if it’s worth it for online feature.

Have not played it online because my joystick is being a biatch. :frowning:

Nice rides

u guys got it for pc?

yeah! best part is, I finally found a game to use my Recoil gamepad with!!!

I purchased it for Xbox, the game is pretty sweet.

But there are a few features that I miss after the NFSU; Neons, Body Kits as pieces, Layering of vinyls, Tuning and Nighttime driving. I also miss those cars that I could afford. If I could afford a Viper, I wouldn’t be playing the game that’s for sure. :lol:

The graphics have come along way. The Cop chases can really get your heart pounding. The races are a bit longer too, which is always good.

I have also played it online. Essentially you are jumping into a race against others, but that’s all. It’s ok, wish there was a free roaming feature for online. Perhaps 16-24 cars all roaming around the world, jumping into events of max of 4 racers or even not jumping into events, but just roaming and make up your own events.

can’t wait to get it for ps2…its on my christmas list as i am completely broke…lol

i’m gonna get it!