need advice on lowering my car.

I have a 98 escort zx2. Im am to the point now in my project were im ready to drop my car. I found a pair of coilovers on ebay. I was wondering is there anything i need to change before installin them. Or should i use lowering springs instead. Need expert advice. thanks

If I read between the lines right, you are looking at a “set” of sleeve over strut type coilovers to do all 4 wheels and wonder if that’s the better choice than buying a set of lowering springs.

For street driving, the lowering springs will be the better choice when it comes to decent ride quality, rattles, and installation issues, as well as having a spring rate that is designed with the weight bias of the car in mind. You won’t have as low a car as you could with coilovers, lowering springs usually drop the car an inch and a half or so (2-3 fingers between the tire and top of the fender opening).

Coilovers usually have race like spring rates, meaning they work best on billiard table smooth surfaces, and do not take anything resembling a speed bump or a pothole in a friendly manner. Those who do usually add the sleeve type coilovers to their car and actually like them are willing to sacrifice the tradeoffs mentioned above and are interested in either a slammed show car look or they are competing on a racetrack and need the extreme stiffness that a smooth racetrack likes.