need a mtx

i have a 2000 zx2 that i need a mtx for any body have one if there is one out their with an lsd in it would b a plus

theres none that bolt up to the zx2 that have a lsd in there alreay, but if you’re looking for something that has a stronger differential, the 2001-2003 ford escape 2wd w/ 4 cyl model has a 4 spider diff and a closed housing vs the zx2’s 2 spider diff and open housing. It also bolts up to a zx2 motor and will accept all the zx2 trans mounts, reverse light switch, and zx2 clutch (make sure you use the zx2 clutch t/o bearing fork).

heres a list of the tranny’s that will bolt into your zx2 with a minimum of fuss…

  1. 1997-2002 Escort sedan and wagon - wide ratio trans and 3.84:1 two spider diff.
  2. 2001-2003 Escape 2wd 4cyl. - close ratio trans and 4.56:1 four spider diff.

hope that helps…

thanks man