Last Saturday and Sunday, while doing work around the my house, I was watching NASCAR at Watkins Glen. It got me thinking about all the rules that NASCAR.

For one I’m not a fan of everyone having the same frame car just a different shell that looks like a stock car you could buy from the manufacturer, but one thing that does get me is the Restrictor Plate racing. It is only used for 4 races in the year two in Daytona and two more in Talladega, but let me remind you of the Talladega crash in 1999 that wiped out 1/2 of the field.

Is restrictor plate racing safe? I thought NASCAR was a testing ground for new parts and better vehicles if NASCAR limits the car’s speed on the fastest tracks in the world? Isn’t up to the driver to decide how fast is too fast?

Tell me everyone how you feel or if you have anything to add.

Well its always a concern for the fans, because without the ensured fan saftey there comes into play the matter of sponsorship. I’m not too sure where I stand on the matter.

I honestly think that nascar has gotten away from its roots as a proving grounds for new parts and has moved to much towards a ‘standardized’ race. You can almost predict who is going to win just from the way and position they start the race.

Yes you have you mishaps but for most part if you start in the top 10, you almost gauranteed to place.

Thats… a rather good point.

I wish they went back to their roots.

If you represent Ford and are driving a Fusion, you should start with a Fusion that came off the line from the factory. Strip it bare, but a roll cage in it and you can only upgrade the engine with an engine from the Ford product line.

Perhaps they can even stay with the engine that comes stock and have 3 classes of NASCAR: 4 cyl, 6 cyl and 8 cyl.

I guess this is why Japanese and European racing has more appeal to me. Because they use cars that have been manufactured, not kit cars with a different mold body or art to make it look like the stock body.

That would be the way to do it, but I don’t honestly see them changing format anytime soon. I agree about Japanese and European racing, there is defintely more appeal there.

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when the hell was the last time any of us saw a rwd, carbed v8, 2 door taurus from the factory ? i really dont have much of an opinion on nascar other then the rest of you guys are right , it should go back to the days of big bodied steel beasts hell most of the automotive world should go back to that, i just dont think that turning left every sunday is that enjoyable to watch, unless its sprint cars on dirt and thats where im at every sat night

Thats what my dad was saying awhile ago about the european style racing. It falls to the skill of the mecahnic and driver and the quality of the parts. That would be much more interesting.

Imagine thou, a final battle royal, between the victors in the 4, 6, and 8 cylinder classes.

lol@Darth. That’d be sweet, but the 4’s would definitely have a handicap in that. I don’t know how I feel. I used to kinda watch NASAR, then I was never home on Sunday’s to watch it anymore so… I think that to a point the restrictor plates are cool 'cause it does mean that if you make a mistake, you can pay for it dearly. And I guess some of the reasoning behind it could be the saftey of both fans AND participants. But I think that Indy/Le Mans racing is a li’l more exciting. You don’t get the big crashes (which is why most people watch NASCAR anyway isn’t it?) but it’s a lot more technical and the good drivers with good setups can make come backs, or just totally innihilate the competitoin.

So for the original reasoning of the topic/poll. (and i’ll vote after this is posted up) I think the restrictor plate is probably a very good rule to impliment on the two tracks. It gives everyone an even playing field and shows who has the better pit crew that can provide consistant and fast stops. Or this could just all be coming out of my butt…dunno. But having them get back to the roots of runnign stock engines and facotory/manufacturer upgrades would definitely be more helpful to us the consumer/tuners. Get the bastards to make some real cars again.

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Funny that we are talking about this while Talladega Nights is out in theaters. =)

lol yeah it is. I thought about that movie earlier, but didn’t make that connection in my head 'till now. LOL. Hilarious. I wanna see that movie so bad, but not bad enough to go to the theaters, I’ll wait to rent it on DVD.

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Netflix. Its how I roll.