Mystery Part

Does anyone have a clue of where this goes? I have had my Z apart for some time now and just getting it back together. This is the only part I am not sure where its home is.

it goes on the top/drivers side motor mount on the rod going thru the actual rubber part. it points down

Looks like part of the shift mechanism on the trans. to me.

damper on the motor mount bolt just like mellowness pointed out.

Mellowness and zonker are right, thanks! You can see the flat in the bolt on that motor mount that lines the damper up.

Ok gang, I got another one. I have the engine support crossmember bolted back in so everything should be lining up to where it should be. I am in the process of getting the main harness routed and hooked back up. I have the alternator hooked back up and am starting on the starter. While hooking the starter’s harness up I can see a heavy gauge black wire with a yellow stripe. I discovered that is the negative battery cable. I’m trying to figure out exactly where that bolts back up to. Plus I got a pic of this bracket which supports the harness, it looks like the starter bolt holds it in place. I just want to make sure I am putting it back to where it goes. Does it look about right?

yep the starter bolt holds that bracket in place. As for the ground wire, I’m not sure but I think its a starter bolt as well.

you guys are sharp

I think the ground connects to the 10mm bolt on that bracket

Mellowness, you might be right. The starter bolt is too large to fit through the negative cable and the cable is not long enough to really reach anything but possibly that bracket. Everything is pretty much stock and unbutchered in the harness as how I like it to be, so everything should line back up. I just am so damn anxious to get my car back I don’t want to have to tear a whole bunch of stuff back apart because I bolted it to the wrong thing.

'well for what it’s worth, you can bolt the ground strap any metal source on the block so if you do put it in a different position its no big deal.

Regarding my earlier bone-headed guess. You guys were right. I was so bugged that I had to go look at mine. It was not immediately apparent because it resides on the back side of the transmission mounting below the battery. I got a crick in my neck but at least now I am curious no more . . . lol!