Anyone else on Myspace?

Mark is (AKA: IronMark), I was, but to much spam from it, fricken bots.

post your url mirror and ill send you an friend request.

i0wn you have mail

got a new one its

Not mine, but I wanna put it up anyway since we’re talking myspace. It’s my brother’s band. They just got signed to ForeFront records last month. They’ve got two songs on there, and I personally like them both.

  • Darron

i hate all of you on my friends list that have a picture of your car on it :cry:

lol… was that you that posted right after i put up the bulletin tonight?

sorry i wasnt trying to make you jealous!

yeah i have mystalkerspace!

feel free to add-

this is my sons band–

of course, I’m a generic teenager, how could I not?

Beware though, it’s a little confusing

count me in!