My Z...

Looks pretty good bud. Not knocking, just curious, what’s the reasoning behind removing the inner signals?

  • Darron

Just sorta like how it looks…

Okay, you thinking about making a custom intake for like a ram air to come in from there? That be pretty neat, except in rain/snow.

  • Darron

Nah…im getting a custom weapon-r intake from Jayco…with a built cold air box and K&N filter.

Lookin good… Maybe you should think about switching over to a 03’ front and get a billet grill in there instead of the signals. That would lool pretty killer. You could even leave them in and behind the billet grill then. Just a thought or two. Could you post some pics of the rims you have?

That gives me and idea.

Also, x2 on the rim pics, they look sweet but we cant see them too well.

Here is a better picture of the wheels…i was checking out how the newly painted caliper would look.

Are those 15 or 16 inchers? I’m looking for a better rim that would fit a wider tire to grab more of the road.

15’s…they are 8inches wide…the rim that is. They are off a 87’ bmw…at first they had 225’s on them and they still fit on the front and back of my z.

Where they stock for the beamer? Counldn’t have been. I’d like a set myself.

No they are not stock…they are bmw rims from germany…aftermarket of some kind. Only ones I have EVER seen…and my dad worked on bmws for 10 years in Dallas.

Know what info I need to pick up a set?

I have no idea on where to get them…

They are a lot nicer in person…pictures dont do it. BUT with the 225’s…they stick out a little bit and if you hit bumps…it rubs. I need to roll the fenders and see if that will fix it.

Ah. Ok, no worries. But I think I like the black with silver border look. I was rather undecided on rims in general before.

Yeah…if you look that lip is pretty big so when the are clean it looks badass…i have got a lot of compliments here in texas bout them.

thay are pretty decent i like em!

Hopefully by january i will have some new SSR’s…i cant wait.

i just got a set of rota subzeros there 16s and there gun metal. ill get some pics when i put them on in the spring!

im getting some SSR 15"s…8.8lbs each baby!!