My Z is GONE and Replaced by Another!

That’s right, I sold the ZX2 and am now the proud owner of a saphire blue 2004 Nissan 350Z w/ Nismo Package! I will post pics in the coming weeks. This car is a beast!!! It will chirp the tires through 3rd gear “without” having to over rev when shifting. It seems like a dream when driving through town, everyone, I mean everyone watches me go by.

P.S. - I sold the ZX2 to my older sister and will always have a soft spot in my heart for my first Z car…

Those are cool cars, congrats. Definitely post some pics for us :slight_smile:

Yeah…I love the 350Z. They are easy vehicles to build and work on. But they are tuner cars like the Honda Civic, anyone can do it. Only issue is the cost and insurance cost because the vehicle is truely a coupe.

Here is my new 350Z parked next to my girl’s TT Quattro. I’m not sure what level of upgrades will be done to the Z at this time but can tell you that insurance is not an issue. My 6 month premium increased by less than $20. The car itself cost in the mid to high $20K’s. A factory installed and warrantied super-charger will probably be the primary performance upgrade followed by some interior upgrades.

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Wait till you hear the exhaust note! I’ll post in a week or so. Maybe with some video to. :lol: