my wayward project

so im finally going to actually decide to sell it 2 grand obo
98 zx2 body in primer 112k on body
98 ford contour v6 motor( forget mileage at moment)
new gaskets
weapon r fuel pressure regulator
complete 98 contour v6 wiring harnesses and ecu
4 good tires
hot shot intake
nology plug wires
svt lower intake manifold
painted interior peices
hks hi power muffler
indiglo gauges
autometer air/fuel gauge ( phantom series)
autometer vac. gauge( phatom series)
2001 ford focus trans (5 spd 30k with clutch and flywheel )
focus central short throw
and some misc stuff

will sell body, intake( its for the regular zx2 i was going to hack it to make and intake) muffler and guages and interior for 1500
-note interior of car does not have rear seats or carpet !!! car is in flat black primer sprayed with real primer not rattle can with a base of sealer ! can have pics by tomorrow if requested, will deliver up to 300 mi. for add. fee

how about 1000?

800 bucks will take everything i have… i need to get rid of the car

Let me talk to my parents, its a slim chance but we will see. What is the milage on the 6 cyl? Its in the air right now but I want to put a 302 in a Z… A full cage and gut the car out even more than you did. But if I dont do the 302, I will put the 6 cyl in w/ just the basics (water pump, alternator) just to keep the engine bay cleaner. Either way, it will be a track/show car. If I do the 302, it will be a track/street car, if I do the 6cyl, it will be a daily driver/track car. I might also sell the S/R but thats also up in the air…

rougly 110k like i said its not that i dont want to finish the car cuz i do and this is breaking my heart … but i just dont have the time between school and work and having to start a second job soon and its all just too much

ok im minus the regulator, gaskets, and wires… so 500 bucks

So you want 500 for everything else? And where are you located again?

York County; Pennsylvania

Woa, a v6 and focus trany? whats the HP and top speed on that thing?

its not in the car, if it was i wouldnt be selling… but the top speed and hp on the v6 is rated right around 170 hp and 180 ftlbs of torque and top speed is right around 140

Ooh, nice.