My sisters artwork

Some of my sister artwork… Im going to document her bedroom door as she progresses in making the images. - June 08, 2006

Not the clearest pictures, but from what I could see at this point it looks like it’s gonna rock.

  • Darron

I agree with Darron. Looks like its going to turn out pretty sweet.


sorry about the blurry pics :frowning:

pics were taken with my video camera not my picture camera…

but heres more

Wow, that’s pretty damn good. Does she have a whole story going up?

not sure! Lol!

Looks really cool now that she has it all painted in and everything:) Your sis has quite the talent:)


Can she work an air brush or pin striping brush???

Im not sure… She does all her work by hand copying to a grid that she made on the door. I’ll have to see if she can do airbrush / pinstripe… Maybe some graphics for my car in the future!!

wow…that is really really good…