My rides


I just joined the site. I haven’t owned a ZX2 for a little while but I’ve always liked them. Here are a few pics of my current rides:

'08 Taurus. It has a 263hp 3.5 DOHC V-6 (stock). I’ve tuned it, got a K&N drop in, Hawk Ceramic pads (the Taurus uses stock '05 + Mustang GT brakes), and a few other things:

My other car is an '07 Nissan Sentra with an MR20DE and a six speed:

Here’s a couple pics of my '98 ZX2:

Wingless 98’s ftw :smiley:
too bad it isnt denim blue. I guess your next one can be though

Yeah, I was excited that it was wingless. It was a stripped down base model which = light weight.

yeah my beater and d/d came the same way, only options on the d/d were 14" alloys and atx unfortunately while the only beater option was the atx. I’ve added a ton to my daily car but the beater will remain the strippo, now with a 98 manual trans in it too:)