my red dalmatian...

Hi guys, this is my ZX2 and I am starting to make some mods:

as U can see I am in the fixing way

and I removed the radio antenna

we got a Ractive exhaust

APC filter, Nology hot wires and some other accesories

I hope to buy a new 17" wheels/tires package

Any suggestion will be welcomed.

S/R Tokico’s and Eibach Springs.

Nice work on the antenna removing. Was it hard to do? I’m too chicken to do my own bodywork, but I’m trying to talk myself into it.

Thanks Pip, you just take off the antenna and add a little piece of metal circle in the hole, after that you scrap and apply primer…

Rock on!! LOL.

Wait… you have a Mexican ZX2… That means rear disks stock!! I hate you!!! LOL.

Hey…does that mean you could get me rear discs for cheap?

  • Darron
:D Ford did it man...

sure, for cheap if used, not to cheap if new, you need the hall system.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Darron, let me know if you need some information about the rear discs prize…

I can’t seem to find and rear discs around up here to pick up. Been junkyard huntin like crazy.

Same here, can’t find any zx2s locally with rear disc or anything that would fit period.

if you need some info about rear discs let me know, I can post some about it. prices and more

That would be great pich. a List of needed parts, and their prices would be awesome.

The hall rear disc breaks system, including calippers, discs, hoses, etc., price: 1,300 usd, new, but one of my friends has one not new hall system in 650 usd.

If you are interested, please let me know.

I may be interested come tax return season. Would your rear discs use the same pads as an S/R here would?

  • Darron


exactelly, they are the same.

Anyone ever tried to go to the dealer and by the spindles new? Figure that have to be able to get them one way or another what happens when an SR comes in and theres a broken rear spindle they aint just gonna throw on discs right…i should check that out…huh…later

I asked the parts guys at the Ford dealership my fiance works at and they just kinda looked at me like I was retarded. But I asked about a swap because I didn’t know what parts were needed to do the swap. If all we need to swap is the spindles, I guess I could go again and ask about that.(Yes I know the brake lines/cables are different, but I would just buy the S/R SS Braided) Plus with her working there, I would get a discount. :slight_smile:

  • Darron