My non zx2 project log for my 1977 Porsche 924 (56k..NO)

I’ve got it posted everywhere else but here, so I feel bad. Figured I’d share :slight_smile:

Since I was a tard and destroyed my other worklog…
The condition it came in when we first picked it up was pretty narly. The rotors were rusted shut, brakes rusted shut in the back, ebrake stuck, no start on engine, interior was torn to bits, and it was infested with black widows. (yeah, i bug bombed it, unfortunately, and god that stuff stinks)



gotta love the moldy back seat.

So at first I was going to leave the seats. But after wanting to actually strip the interior and go full track car with a few cosmetics, I decided no on it. But here’s the seat resto anyway. Before and after…


doors before

doors after

ripping apart the console and tearing into the wiring

the lovely damage.

The dreaded engine bay…

Who the F*** would even try, right?

tasty fuel lines.

getting into the floorpan…

Assessing damage

Condition of everything else…


Scared yet?

Rip that shit out of there!

Clean up the throttle body…[/im]

Getting there…

More dis-assembly…

Fixing the motor for the lights

Finding some original OEM goodies.

The complete transformation of the throttle body after a full clean, glassbead, a little polishing with a dremel, and repaint. (has since been pulled and polished more and also lubed since then too)


Airbrush time

Pics of the engine bay progress…

Little later

The first start. Keep in mind how shitty it sounds.

[url=] ... r_embedded[/url]

Our first limp on the road to a gas station for the first time in 10 years.

Fixing the damn drum brakes.

Gee wonder why they were stuck.

Working on weight reduction. Remember before…

Ah fun times.


And closer…

Get that shit out of there.



There we go…

While I was at it… old cable was shot. Wanted to open hood in the morning…

Old one was a bit of a miss.

Sealed trunk later and a new carpet mat later… (still need to grind down the rear parts up near the hatch and seal and paint those, but the actual trunk is finished)

A newer video of it running a lot more smoothly

Last video i had uploaded after fixing a ton of vacuum leaks. Meant to say “most are vacuum line routing” not leaks on the working kinks out, but anyway…

You’ll also notice a lot more parts replaced. Lots of less rust in the engine bay in the last vid.

The engine will be rebuilt over the winter if all goes as planned, since the car was vandalized, i have little choice anyway.

And the day i took them out for fun…

PS: This is more of a cliffnotes sort of snapshot of it, since I actually have over 30 pages of worklogs on my website about it… lots of pics though on my photobucket with it… … i/porsche/

parts car.

The good news - got the engine running and turning over today. LOTS of parts on it are in insane condition. Before it was parked the engine apparently had been replaced on almost all of the CIS parts. Almost all of them are in immaculate condition. The fuel system was my biggest concern and I am IMPRESSED.

Tranny is great, torque tube is in awesome shape and the engine is better than I could expect. Mind you the rest looks like pure ass… this would have cost the same as my parts budget for a while, so I won’t complain since it was FREE!

My this car rest in pieces when I’m done parting it out. I feel bad that it lived such a great life to come to such an end, but this car would take a small army to get it back on the road… it will serve a great cause :slight_smile:

Got bored today so i started working on the new gauges which were in wayyyy better shape. Was going to get to work on stripping some stuff out and getting to work on the dash.

However, I can’t find the strips of carbon fiber I had for it… so i worked on the gauges and getting them back in shape.

I salvaged the extra console i have and basically stripped it of the switches, gauges, etc, which I am going to reuse on a small, carbon fiber layered display once i’m finished. Because i’m finicky and picky, i decided to take them apart, clean them up, etc… tested them as well. Obviously there’s no point in using gauges if they don’t work, right? And that milky look you get when gauges are 20+ years old? Annoying, right?

Here’s the console itself.

Pulling the gauges.

Switches (tested each one, work great)

Process of testing and fixing gauges. First off… These are in WAY better shape than my last ones. They just need cleaned. On these particular gauges Porsche uses tools to essentially put a small metal cover over a rubber gasket that seals the back onto them. It’s a delicate process to try and take the cover off… not break the glass… and put it back on properly…

Cleaning up the exterior metal.

The back and contacts.

That milky look i was talking about.

First, test it and make sure it even reads voltage.


Taking the back off to clean the contacts and make sure 100% we are getting the best POSSIBLE connection at all times. Remember these contacts are from 1977!

Sand and clean these down, ensure the plugs are done well.

Looks bent, but corrects when putting back on. Delicate… remember…


If the inside is in good shape it’ll be nice and black, look clean and solid. Remove any contaminants inside the gauges…

Make sure you are happy with the glass before you put it back in. I gently blow on mine to remove any dust, and then use something soft to wipe it off. Put it back in the gauges and if there’s dust, blow it off and do it again. I touch it with a napkin so my fingerprints don’t get in it.

Sweet. There’s glass in there?

And done.

I also got bored and figured I’d see if the badge was also able to be fixed. Covered in some sort of awkward primer, paint, and house paint?

So i started wiping away… something is under there.

After a lot of using my own little tools and chems to get it down to where it needed…


After a nice polish. Just needs a little hand polishing now…

Before and after. This goes on the car last. It’s not finished till the badge is on it :slight_smile:

Prepping to pull the bastard.

Ugly, but not rusted, needs cleaned and runs great.

This windshield has aerodynamic A/C mods!

My buddy Kenny drinking his coffee with an elegant touch.

Cherrypicker time!

Me disconnecting the crossmember to get the engine out.



Finally it’s home.

Now the real work can start.

Yeah. I like to hand polish stuff first and see how it turns out. If I don’t like it I paint it. In this case, the original parts are starting to look pretty cool and are cleaning up nicely. Started cleaning the engine up quite a bit tonight.

Zündfolge! I love original parts.

Interestingly enough I found that this oil cooler fits the match for 924S and 924 Turbo parts. It’s essentially a 944 oil cooler mounted externally… The plumbing is all there. The more interesting thing is that all the mounts on the engine aren’t custom, it’s stock plumbing. Which means in essence that this late model 924 was actually an S model or that in fact this is 100% a euro spec engine… I still need to decipher all of the parts. But I found that interesting. The other possibility is that someone has taken different engines and build it into one which is another possibility, but if that’s the case then that means the bottom end is a late model engine and the rest is something else. Either way, it’s making me happy.

Cams look in great shape. Wear isn’t bad at all.

Definitely gonna get some head work done on the head.

Checking all of the exhaust manifold gaskets, there was a single thousandth of a mark off on the ends vs the middle. So no warping on these gaskets. Good sign that the the engine has been running as intended and not too lean on any of the cylinders. All of the cylinders were within 1 one thousandth.

Forgot to mention also…

Found the part numbers for the setup i want. here’s a picture of my friend’s 924 engine over in portland that he built. It’ll be essentially very very similar.

Just for motivation :slight_smile: And also so people have an idea of what it’ll look like when it’s gone to megasquirt. Essentially all VW parts, but it’s mostly a VW engine. Yeehaw!

Thank god for vacations. Most people go to another state. I go to my garage. With a nice week to myself, and motivation, I plan on getting a LOT done.

Some quick updates since pictures will come later and I’m taking a quick break…

  • More weight reduction. Back seat removed. Passenger side coming along nicely.
  • Unfortunately the “seal” to the hatch failed in a spot, leaking in water, I have more work to do.
  • The “sealing” job for the floorpan failed. I am going to re-grind (again) and reseal (again) the floorpan, this time using the right shit. POR15. Then repaint and recover the floor plan in black. Mostly because I can, and I hate that unfinished primered look on floorpans.
  • Tested the fitment of the racing seat to ensure it will fit correctly. Looks like I’ll need to get some custom brackets done. Luckily, my buddy who made the seat brackets in my 944 confirmed he can do so for the 944 as well, since I Have no welder or torch. Yessssss.
  • Tested the placement of seat just to see how it sets. It’s a tight fit, but a comfy one once your in. Keyword… once you’re in… getting in and out is a bitch, but whatever, it’s going to be a trackday so I don’t give a shit.
  • Removing the wiring and everything that goes to the heater. Since it’s a trackday car you guessed it, won’t need one! So prepping all of that.
  • Working on the gauges some more.
  • Working on the engine rebuild some more. Trying to figure out exactly how I want to do everything, also searching for part #s from my friend’s megasquirt build since i saw how he did his and like the setup and it’s simplicity. Part hunting time.
  • Checking major parts of the frame and under the car for any serious rust damage that may compromise integrity. Thus far, it’s clear, a few surface rust spots, nothing major. Will be POR15’d in any spots I don’t like and painted over to ensure it stays that way.

More to come.

Alright so I pulled my seat out of my garage after it had been sitting a while. Didn’t really care about cleaning anything up, so everything is grody as hell but whatever.

The seat fits and does fit correctly. However… I ran into an issue.

Issue #1… the hatch apparently didn’t latch properly… Resulting in the floorpan having some issues with rust. Again. Thankfully it’s a small amount of surface rust. However, the other issue at hand now is that I found the sealing I did ended up NOT sealing it as well as I thought.

^^^ Stupid hatch leak.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going at the WHOLE floorpan all over again with my wire wheel. Going to get it all the way back down to bare metal and reseal it with more layers and ensure this time it is finished and done, cleared, and triple uber super duper sealed from cancer.

Issue #2 is that the brackets ended up being just a hair shy on the brackets. Turns out the “universal 924/944” bracket isn’t so universal. As previously said, my friend is going to help me cut and weld and move the brackets or make new ones, no biggie.

The plus side is that regardless, I was able to bolt them down and see where the seat would set to. Tight fit, but, a comfortable one… but tight…

One small step back with the rust sealing, but move forward with more stripping, no back seat and more weight reduction. More and more progress.

More pics tomorrow I’m just too lazy to write a lot right now.

After taking the back seat out, I stumbled upon a LOT of rust. Tons of pitting. None made it’s way through just yet. I didn’t feel like taking pictures constantly through the entire process as it can be a bit cumbersome, and on top of it the cabin smelled of chemicals, prep clean, sealant, primer, etc… so really with having a paint mask on you just wanna get it done.

So anyway. :reading2:

I did want to get a picture of what it looks like when you take off sound deadening on an old car.

You will notice in the above picture that I left the sound deadening portion off and the glue STUCK on the middle portion, this is so you can see what lies beneath. Up towards the back where the seat was I cleared it off to the best of my abilities without chemicals.

Below is after chemicals.

As you can see in both pictures it’s clean. But you can see around the edges where the paint worn away that there are soft spots where moisture sat and ate away and got to it and it rusted.

As well… where the seats were provided a horrible spot for rust. Since the padding Porsche used was not the foam we use nowadays, but between a cardboard like substance that has the texture of fiberglass you’d lay inside your walls, it felt like that, but very absorbent. The entire lining in the cabin area with anything that was laid down with the stuff is moist and will need ripped out.

Positive side… got to use my new powertools my dad got me for Christmas.

Again, didn’t feel like posting the entire process. So here is while I was taking out the soft spots and getting down to the metal.

Since the window was the best to see the result halfway finished… here it is through a few coats.

Will sand down any more soft spots again tomorrow and lay down a few more coats to fully seal it. Mean while I will also seal the trunk. It actually HAS NOT RUSTED through the sealing coat I put through it, but to be sure I’ll inspect and seal as necessary.

Keep it up Derek. Doing a great job buddy

Alright, working a bit on the engine today.

This one has a blown head gasket too. It did start and sputter and run like ass when we tested it, now it makes sense why it wouldn’t stay running. Thankfully my dad has a lot of tools in his shop so I am going to take it in and get it honed and measure it, new rings, clean it up, do some head work and get this puppy back on track.

Sign #1 something is wrong when you lay the intake manifold down and this shit falls out.

Valve tappets are in great shape. So is the cam. Don’t mind the dirt on the top, it’s from taking the distributor off the engine.

This is when I went “Ugh.”

Reason for the failure. If you can’t see why, well… we need to have a talk.

Gonna go tear the bottom half off now. More pics later.

Holy wowzers batman how long ago did the head gasket let looose?

probably before the car sat.

I haven’t updated this in a while, here’s progress!

All the way down to the block. Next stop - Hot tank, hone, and machine work.

Pictures of cylinders. Not that bad. Will need honed.

Perspective from the bottom end

Crank is in very good shape.

This had me going “huh…” as it has some oddball wear. Doesn’t look rotational since it goes back and forth diagonally, perhaps factory? Odd.

Yep. Ick.

Another of the odd wear.

I think the pistons could be cleaned up and reused but I think I may wanna just get new ones since I’m already getting new rods.


Today I got the block hot-tanked. Got it back home, went after it with grinders, wire wheels, sandbits, you name it. Wiped it down in lacquer thinner to get all the impurities out and painted it. Still just doing one side at a time, but I finally decided my color combination I want for the car, I’m painting the engine to match :slight_smile:

Here’s what I started with.

Hot tank

More prep

And more prep

I didn’t get any pictures of the total prep, was too excited. But here’s one side finished.

Lots of wire wheeling, grinding, more grinding, more wire wheeling, and even pulled out the hand grinder. So mix of dremel, hand sanding and a grinder. Lots of lacquer thinner to get the rusty dust off and that’s the end result.

Gonna go finish the rest here in a bit but am way tired, long day.

Here is today’s post of the interior stripping. I have not shared a lot of these photos since I wanted to post them when I was close to done since it’s pointless to go “HEY LOOK! RUST AND GROUND DOWN METAL!”

Since I like before and after photos.

Yay, so much fun.

Chisels, screwdrivers, hammer and armstrong.

These last 3 are the most recent.

As you can see if you look close, driver side still needs a bit more. And it’s dirty as hell in there so it’s easy to see all the dusty crud flying around thanks to me grinding in the car. But you get the idea.

As of today there is no more carpet/material/lining/foam/trim in the car. It’s all gone now. I have dremeled/sanded/grinded/wheeled away almost all the cancer on the inside at this point and am sealing it.

It got crappy as hell outside so i parked it for today. But I took the rear quarters out and traced them so I can finish my lexan windows and took the pillars out so I can finally put to use the CF I bought. Going to probably buy some flat media CF so I can use it for the dash and gauges and then strip out the rest of the dash.