my next idea

ok guys some of you have seen what im thinking of 4 my winter project. We’ll heres what in 1st place as of now

Not bad, not bad at all.

color match the mirrors (gold) and your set!!!1

thats the idea

Are you going to color match the wheels?(gold)

No i like the wheels the way they are iMO gold wheels are tacky

Sides, if the rims aint 22s, no reason to be blingin. :mrgreen:


You know, seriously, sometimes I scare myself.

You could get some black rims to keep the flow of black low, gold high…

  • Darron

I’d de-McDonaldize your interior man. Looks kinda goofy. If you can, get the masking on your inners to match your paint. Your car looks pretty good now. I like the black on the bottom. It makes the tan look pretty good actually.

The only thing in the interior thats yellow is the harnesses one day ill swap them 4 black ones