My new ride ;)

Well I traded in my Mustang :stuck_out_tongue: I got a new baby now :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. Is this a part of the reason you got rid of the zx2? Looks like itā€™d be a lot of fun. [thumbup]

nice car man. [d00d]

Not reallyā€¦

Nice GT500 Cobraā€¦are you a member of the SVTOA??

Damn thats nice! supercharged?

No I am not. Didnā€™t even think about it lol.

Very nice

Should be. Iā€™m a member of the E. TN division. Considering being a member entitles you to 10% discount on all Ford parts and Labor. Not to mention your VIN is put into a national database for Ford for the discount nation wide, all sorts of little things including publishished info for members only, hats, member cardsā€¦and other items pay for the membership dues every year. All the people I have met are really nice people not ā€œrednecks with 'tangsā€. All are welcome to join weather or not you own an SVT or not. All cobraā€™s, GT500ā€™s, Bulletā€™s, mustangā€™s in generalā€¦are invited to join as well.

The wonderful part is I donā€™t own a SVT product or a Mustang. I own a ZX2 and 55 Cameo and I am still a member. SVTOA is about car enthusistsā€¦not the type, brand, or style. No matter what you drive or are buildingā€¦come join the only Nationaly recognized club for SVT and Ford Racing enthusistsā€¦

I use the same screen name on the SVTOA forumā€¦

I will certainly have to do that. Thanks for the info :wink:

Here a link to the Wisconson section of the SVTOA forum. I think the site is locally run in your state. Contact them and join. Youā€™ll be glad you didā€¦

Hope you become another memberā€¦