My new project!

I am making a Scale RC Rock Crawler :wink: Still havn’t decided what body I am going to use but so far I am building a tube frame and using Tamiya TLT-1 axeles and twin brushless motors for power. If you are wondering yes those are cell phone holders I got them off of eBay :wink: Well thats the start. Let me know what you think.

(crappy pic I know, was taken with a cell phone )

For a minute I thought it was full size till i saw the tires and a remote control for your tv in the background.

I was like “WTF Thats a huge remo… yeah wait its an rc car.”

i wanna see pics when its done… i have an 8 year old brother obsessed with RC cars…we;ve even got those gas powered ones… they haul ass and my dad rigs em up

Yeah…I purchased a Nitro Car too about a year ago. Quick little buggers. Unfortunately my car was from Smartech, which is a good company if you live in Japan, but it is almost impossible to find parts in the US. But it is really fast for only having one gear. My brother bought one with 2 gears, but my car is still considerably faster than his.